Website and custom applications

A custom solution to increase your visibility !

The website of a company is above all a window accessible 24/7, presenting your activity, and enhancing your image and your values.
In view of the number of sites on the web, the interest for you is to offer you a unique, innovative and creative site, which suits you and which stands out from the competition.

An effective website is a creative and intuitive site !


Graphic design to your image

Optimized development adapted to all types of screens

Optimized SEO

Custom features

Maintenance and performance monitoring

Training in the administration of your site

Compatible sites on all search engines

Reservation of domain names and hosting on dedicated server

Our CMS solutions

CMS (Content Manager) makes it easy and quick to manage your site and edit content without any knowledge of development.

MGS Informatique has its own CMS (content manager) Magyx, but also develops under different solutions.

Google Analytics detailed tracking

By building your website with MGS, you ensure monthly monitoring and maintenance on demand. Keep an eye on the statistics of consultation of your site !

A custom statistics report

Each month, get a personalized statistics report for your website.

Number of visitors / clicks, type of device used, geographic location of users … Enjoy accurate and detailed statistics !