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Management software


For every company profile, all the management solutions adapted.

N°3 world-wide editor of management software, Sage simplifies and automates management and business processes of 6.1 million companies in 70 countries around the world.

Sage offers a full service covering needs of all companies.

MGS focuses on the Sage PE and PME ranges.

Sage PME

MGS commercializes the range Sage PME in line 30 and line 100 generation i7.

Sage 100 Comptabilité:

From asset management to means of payment, including recovery,
Sage 100 Comptabilité i7 guides SMEs in the evaluation of their balance of accounts and their financial situation.

Sage 100 Gestion commerciale:
Sage 100 Gestion commerciale i7 brings to SMEs control at each step of the commercial chain.
Sage Paie & RH:
The range Paie & RH i7 brings to SMEs a simple and adapted answer to their needs in the daily management of payroll and human resources.

Sage PE

Sofware for all trading professions: shops, service, commerces, service, craft, independents, agriculture etc.
Scalable solutions for all sizes companies: craftsman, small merchant, SOHO, SMEs, SMBs.

Solutions for all specialist engineering contractors.
More than 350,000 companies in the building sector in France are using it.
Apibâtiment: European N°1 for companies in the building sector sofwares.
The accounting software immediately operational for your company: accounts data entry; VAT declaration; lettering; aged trial, analytical and budget balance; outturn account; balance sheet.


Paye, the solution to handle serenely the salaries of your company. Settings facilitate the start-up and daily use: rubrics, grids, leaves, rest periods.
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