Our Imprim’Vert engagement

MGS give the highest importance to the Imprim’Vert certification and to eco-printing.
We renew each year this certification because it demonstrate our environmental commitment towards the sustainable development of our sector.

In our environment awareness is important, that’s why we offer some advices to help you reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Use paper coming from « sustainably managed forests »
  • Use an adapted paper weight (80g/m² instead of 90g/m²)
  • Print in sufficient quantity for your needs
  • Transfer your files via a FTP site to avoid any sending of physical support
  • Think about deleting you old e-mails and advertisement
  • Extend the lifespan of all your electronical equipments
  • Watch videos in lower quality to use less bandwidth

« To chose MGS as your printer allows you to leave your mark on a surface, not the environment ! »

To obtain the Imprim’Vert label you have to respect 5 attribution criteria:

  • Eliminate hazardous wastes, at least once a year and according to a sector in compliance with the current regulation
  • Secure the storage of hazardous liquids, no risks of accidental pollution
  • To not use any labeled « toxic » products (« skull and crossbones » symbol)
  • Ensure environmental awareness to the staff and customers
  • Implement a quaterly monitoring of the energy consumption of the site


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