Document flow solutions and dematerialisation

The MGS document flow solution

MGS offers you its own document flow management solution, which allows you to archive, centralize, secure and share your documents. MGS adapts to your needs and your business specificities.

Document flow solutions and dematerialisation schematics
Document flow solutions and dematerialisation schematics


Scan all your paper documents (customer and supplier invoices, pay slips…)


Automatically and quickly archive your files as folders.


Save time on your workflow and simplify it with the MGS solution.

Electronic signature

Send your contracts (quotation, endorsement …) by email and have them validated by electronic signature to one or more signatories.

How it works ?

The signatory (or signatories) receives on his mobile phone a code that allows him to validate the contract, which ensures the good identity of the signatory.

The electronic signature is fully recognized and has legal value, as well as a paper signature.

Certificate RGS 1* or RGS 2**.

Data archiving

Digital archiving within the company is now possible and eliminates the need for a long, tedious, and especially expensive paper filing.

How it works ?

Starting from a scanner, we scan the document that is automatically integrated into the MGS solution, either in digital format (PDF, Word, Excel, Email, Image, etc.) and a simple copy / paste in a network directory allows the MGS solution to support the file.

A simple, intuitive and secure interface allows users to search, filter, and sort documents, as well as manage versions, post stamps, and share with collaborators and partners.

Sending Chorus invoices or email invoices

Sending Chorus or email invoices is a time-consuming task in business. In addition to archiving, the MGS Documentary Flux solution allows you to send invoices directly to the Chorus platform, or directly by email for private invoices.

How it works ?

Every day, every week, every month, depending on your billing rules, your ERP will generate invoices in PDF format, which will be transmitted on your MGS Flux environment, our solution automatically takes care of archiving PDFs, then transmit them via Chorus or Email according to the defined rules.

You still have to monitor the returns (email boxes do not exist, Siret Chorus non-compliant).

Saving time, optimizing the payment term of your invoices, optimizing the internal management process.


Digital archiving of documents offers many advantages for your company and your various interlocutors :

Save money by reducing the production of paper documents and reduce your carbon footprint.

Make sure you secure your shipments, and better traceability of your document flows.

Save time on the search for files, on the validation circuits, and thus on the payment deadlines.



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